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Dr. Sonia Borghino, CPsychol, AFBPsS, Chartered and Registered Psychologist, Neurofeedback practitioner

I have been helping people to overcome their life traps for over 20 years as a psychologist. I have extensive experience in treating individuals with mental health problems, personality disorders, obsessive thoughts, anxiety, depression, insomnia, sleep disorders, energy problems, concentration, conduct disorder, specific learning disabilities or ADHD, cognitive dysfunction, PTSD and anger problems. I use neurofeedback in my practice with clients to treat a variety of symptoms and I have had remarkable results with Neurofeedback. If brainwave patterns are running too fast, too slow, or are not communicating with each other properly, symptoms can arise impacting on affect, cognitive function, behavior, sleep and a variety of other human functions. When the brain learns to operate at the more desirable level through Neurofeedback training, many bothersome symptoms caused by the dysregulated brain disappear. Neurofeedback helps with self-regulation difficulties and impulse control and gives the individual better control over brain activity. At Engi Psychology, we use the most innovative Neurofeedback technologies.  I have designed, delivered and successfully implemented psychological interventions using neurofeedback in Mental Helth Hospitals, the NHS, Prisons and in private practice. I have received Neurofeedback training from the Center for Brain Training in Palm Beach, Florida.

Steven Lane, B.A.

Neurofeedback Trainer and Instructor


I have been helping people to transform for some 25 years as a psychotherapist, coach and meditation teacher. In 2008 I discovered neurofeedback and bought a NeurOptimal system which I decided was the most advanced neurofeedback equipment available. I trained with top French neurofeedback trainer Corinne Fournier who became my mentor for many years and I received advanced certification from Zengar Inc, Canada.

I have been so impressed with NeurOptimal that it is now my primary means of working with people – sometimes as a standalone and sometimes within a coaching context.

Neurofeedback can accomplish a very wide range of cognitive, emotional and physical changes. My two primary key interests are deep personal transformation and working with stress alongside its causes and consequences, such as trauma, self-esteem, and burnout.



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